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We know you need a steel building that is made to last, and that's why RocketBuildings.Com only sells structurally sound, environmentally-friendly steel building kits guaranteed to last! Our Mil-Spec Tough buildings have a 35-year rust-through perforation warranty on AZ55 Galvalume®, because we make them from strong steel produced in our American factory. Don't rely on those other guys with their wimpy, soft aluminum structures - stick with Rocket Steel for all of your steel building needs.

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Whether it's for metal workshop buildings, steel buildings for farms, garage building kits, metal barns, or more - is the new home for All-American strength!

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P-Model Steel Buildings

P-Model Buildings

One of our most popular models featuring straight walls and a pitched roof giving it an attractive look to go with your home or business. This model comes in widths from 16-30ft and unlimited lengths.

S-Model Steel Buildings

S-Model Buildings

Featuring straight walls and a rounded roof allowing rain and snow loads to just roll off.This model comes in widths from 16 to 50 ft and unlimited lengths.

Q-Model Steel Buildings

Q-Model Buildings

Featuring a traditional military design allowing maximum interior space with no poles or beams in the way. This model comes in widths from 20 to 100 ft in widths and a length as long as needed.

A-Model Steel Buildings

A-Model Buildings

Designed for heavy snow load regions and featuring a 4:12 pitched roof, this model can withstand harsh conditions. Available in widths from 16 to 40ft and can be as long as you need it to be.


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